Are you looking for a place that will uplift you, make you feel welcome, and entertain your kids?

Are you Shule phobic? lost or bored in Shule? feeling like you don’t belong? dragging your kids along? If you answered ‘YES’ above... Chabad is the Shule for you!



The privilege of having named seats in Shule over the High Holidays is only to members who have either paid their membership in full; paying it off in instalments; or have come to a financial agreement with the Shule.

If you have not yet finalised your Beit Menachem Membership please contact the office at your earliest convenience to ensure we can allocate you a seat.

Please note that NO-ONE is turned away due to financial hardship. If you require assistance, please do not hesitate to contact Chanoch Sufrin at the office.

If you have a specific seating request please call or email the office.

If you require additional seats for your children or visiting family and/or friends, please contact us as soon as possible, so we can allocate seats accordingly.

The cost of additional seats is $200.

Over the High Holidays we have the opportunity to honour members of the congregation with opening the Ark, Aliyot and other various honours.

It is customary to contribute to the Shule when receiving an honour, particular on the High Holidays and we request that you do so generously to support our Shule.


We have limited amount of Machzorim (High Holiday Prayer Books). If you would like to follow the service with the same book that the Chazan uses, we have Machzorim available for sale at $50 each.

If you would like to donate a Machzor to the Shule please call call or email the office.


If you require or you know someone who may be interested in staying over at our Centre over the High Holidays, please contact us.