Why struggle alone?

"When one loans another money on an interest-free basis, it's comparative to giving him the tools to work with to earn further money; like handing a fishing-rod to a fisherman." That, says Maimonides, is the ultimate charity, because the person will no longer be dependant on charity. A person in financial difficulty, the loan is meant to help him before he gets too deep in debt."

In most major Jewish communities, there are many such interest-free loan funds, and our community is no different. Our Gemach has helped many people over the years going through difficult periods.

Our Gemach is overseen by a committee of laypeople, headed by local solicitor Les Lewis. A loan from the Gemach can be accessed with just a guarantor, and payment plans are developed to fit the borrower's fiscal ability. All information is kept completely confidential.

To benefit from this Gemach, or for more information on loans, or to donate or lend money to the Gemach, please contact Rabbi Schapiro on 0425 214 522 or email r[email protected].

Other Gemachim available in our area 

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