Financial Hardship Assistance
We at Chabad have a special fund to assist individuals going through difficult financial circumstances.

Full Board Temporary Housing Emergency Facilities 
We have a 40-room facility in St Ives, in Sydney's North Shore for individuals and/or families seeking temporary accommodation respite for individuals.

Food Relief
We provide food packages to individuals and families in dire needs of support.
We have a weekly food distribution meal service from our Centre. 
“Cook Ins” for food distribution by volunteers.

Counselling Services
We have experienced cousellors available in times of crisis to assist individuals, whether men, women, or teenagers.

Specialist communications skills training Combating Conflict:

  • How to Be Assertive
  • Resilience and Emotional Intelligence
  • and others  

Referral Pathways
Extensive Referral Pathways Program to associated community service providers, state government agencies, appropriate psychological and mental health clinicians.

If you or someone you know requires any assistance in the above-mentioned areas or wish to discuss other ways in which we can be of assistance, please contact our Relief Support Worker at or call 02 9488 9548.