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  • HIGHLIGHTSHighlighting Chabad's Gan Izzy winter day camp with over 100 children participating over the course of the 5 day program, led by Rabbi Mendy and Chanie. SEE THE PICTURES HERE
  • NEW DAILY RAMBAM LIVE!Australian Rabbis bring you a new daily class studying the Rambam’s Mishneh Torah one chapter a day. STUDY THE ENTIRE TORAH
  • Tisha B'AvThe “Three Weeks” and Tisha B’Av are designated as a time of mourning over the destruction of the Holy Temple and the <i>galut</i> (exile). 29-30 JULY, 2020
  • Coronavirus Resources & InspirationThe number of people around the world impacted by coronavirus is increasing. Is there something we can do about it?
Chabad’s mission is to create a place where “Where every Jew is family.” Where we share the warmth, joy and soul of Judaism. Where we connect and unite together as a community.
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