The Mikvah is the cornerstone of Jewish family life. It is used regularly by ladies in the wider Jewish community and many brides. Designed by a interior designer, its beautiful interior enhances the spiritual experience.

Private classes are available on the laws Family Purity, of which Mikvah is a main part. These are available for brides or for those already married, wishing to explore the "mikvah lifestyle".

If you would like a tour, or to make an appointment, or arrange a class, please call the Mikvah hotline on 9440 0025, leave a message, and the attendant will return your call.

The Mikvah is located at 27 College Cr, St Ives.

Thanks to generous local donors, the cost of the Mikvah has been subsidised down to $25. Brides $90. Annual membership is $300.

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