The Mikvah is the cornerstone of Jewish family life. It is used regularly by ladies in the wider Jewish community and many brides. Designed by a interior designer, its beautiful interior enhances the spiritual experience.

Private classes are available on the laws Family Purity, of which Mikvah is a main part. These are available for brides or for those already married, wishing to explore the "mikvah lifestyle".

If you would like a tour, or to make an appointment, or arrange a class, please call the Mikvah hotline on 9440 0025, leave a message, and the attendant will return your call.

* Note: Between 19/11/17-5/12/17, please contact Michelle Toocaram on 0414 996 360 for Mikvah queries 

The Mikvah is located at 97 Killeaton Street, St Ives.

The cost for the use of the Mikvah is $30. Brides $50. Annual membership is $300.