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High Holidays 2020

  • Dear Members and Friends,

    As we approach the High Holidays there is much uncertainty. However, one thing is certain, this Rosh Hashanah we will usher in new Divine energy into our world. The year of challenges will be behind us, and please G-d, a year of revealed blessing will be upon us.

    We want to ensure that everyone is feels safe and comfortable to attend Shule over the High Holidays. We are therefore doing our very best to endeavor to accommodate as many congregants as possible. 

    Although there are restrictions, we do have a number of options available. 

    Please fill-in the form below, which will assist us to understand the needs of the community.

    May you and yours be blessed with a truly happy and sweet New Year. 

    Please note: Priority will be given to financial members of Congregation Beit Menachem. If you have not yet finalised your membership for 2020, please contact Chanoch Sufrin on 9488 9548 or email .  

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