Chabad North Shore offers the opportunity of a beautiful community Shabbat experience with an international speaker of world renown. Whether you live close by and wish to simply attend the meals and classes, or wish to stay at our centre and enjoy the 25 hour experience without interruption, we have you covered.

We are thrilled to introduce the Shabbat Experience with Rabbi Yisrael Rice from San Rafael, California. Rabbi Rice is Chairman of the Jewish Learning Institute flagship division. Known for his insightful grasp and his sense of humour, he is a sought after teacher and speaker. He is author of the course, “SoulQuest: life, afterlife and beyond,” which was taught in over 350 communities around the world.


Shabbat Schedule
Candle Lighting Meditation
For women - 4:30pm
Friday Night Dinner
Tapping into the Power of your Soul  
Finding your inner self in a world of confusion
Shabbat Lunch
Counting your Blessings
Realise how lucky you are; Understanding the meaning of Blessing
Seudah Shelishit
Song and Soul
The Pen of the Heart
Inspirational end to the Shabbat Experience

Adults: $40
Children (5-10 yrs): $30
Under 5 come for FREE
Prices Including Accommodation | Breakfast included
Adults: $90
Children (5-10 yrs): $80
Under 5 come for FREE

This event has been partially sponsored by the Mitchell family in
honour of the Yartzeit of Mr Henry Mitchell obm, Yeshayahu ben Chaim.


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Accommodation - Adults: $90   Children (5 - 10yrs): $80 Children (Under 5 yrs): $0
Without Accommodation -
Adults: $40   Children (5 - 10yrs): $30 Children (Under 5 yrs): $0
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