The World of Kabbalah


5 Mondays, 8:00-9:30 pm
21 August - 18 September 2023

Instructor: Rabbi Nochum Schapiro

This course is being offered for in-person attendees, and online for attendees out of the area.


Chabad North Shore, 27 College Cr. St Ives 


Email: [email protected]
Call: +612 9488 9548
Fee: $150 (Couple: $250)  |  Chabad Members $120 (Couple: $200)


Course Overview

Learn to read Hebrew in just five sessions

Read it in Hebrew is a cutting-edge, five-week Hebrew reading crash course that has taken the Jewish world by storm. The flashcard-based language course developed by the Jewish Learning Institute, promises users that, by following this program, you can learn to read Hebrew in just five short weeks!

Do you find yourself lost in synagogue? Want to strengthen your Jewish connection? Read It In Hebrew will help you.

RIIH has been tried successfully in over 600 Chabad Centres enabling thousands of students to read Hebrew.

Lesson Details

The first two lessons of RIIH focus on the letters of the Hebrew alphabet while the last three lessons introduce vowels and will teach you how to read words. Flashcards and optional APP portraying the letters alongside mnemonics make the information memorable and easy to digest.

RIIH will allow you to absorb information quickly and efficiently. In addition to reading skills, you will get a glimpse into the holiness and depth of the Hebrew language, including brief kabalistic explanations of the Hebrew letters.