Tisha B'Av
Guide & Schedule
Nightfall of Saturday, 10 August 2019
until nightfall of Sunday, 11 August 2019

Begins at 5:22 pm
Ends at 5:49 pm

General Info and Customs 

The saddest day on the Jewish calendar is the Ninth of Av, “Tisha B'Av," the date on which both our Holy Temples were destroyed, and exile, persecution and spiritual darkness began.

Tisha B'Av starts at sundown of the eighth of Av and lasts till the following nightfall. During this time-period we fast, eschew pleasurable activities and amenities, and lament the destruction of the Holy Temple and our nation’s exile.

It is a tradition, however, that Tisha B'Av is also the birthday of our Redeemer. This symbolises the idea that from the ashes of the destroyed temple will rise an incomparably magnificent edifice; exile will give birth to redemption. Thus Tisha B’Av is also a day of anticipation and hope, for “One who mourns Jerusalem will merit seeing her happiness."      



The fast is postponed due to Shabbat. 
Times listed are for St Ives.

Saturday night, 10 August, 2019 - 9 Av, 5779

Fast begins 5:22 pm
Shabbat ends 6:00 pm
Maariv - Evening Service 6:15 pm
Eicha (Lamentations)  6:30 pm 
Feature Presentation:
The Rebbe on Anti-Semitism

7:30 pm

Keep Quiet (Documentary)

8:00 pm

The Disputation (Film)

9:30 pm

Sunday, 11 August, 2019 - 10 Av, 5779

Shacharit  (No Tallit & Tefillin)

8:15 am

Kinot (Tisha B'Av Dirges)

9:00 am  

Midday (Sitting on regular chairs permitted)

12:00 pm

When Was the Temple Destroyed? Video class by Rabbi YY Jacobson

12:00 pm

The Disputation (Film)

1:30 pm

What Does Moshiach Really Mean?Video class by Rabbi YY Jacobson

2:45 pm

Mincha (with Tallit and Tefillin)

4:15 pm 

Fast ends and Maariv 

5:49 pm




Besides fasting, we abstain from additional pleasures: washing, applying lotions or creams, wearing leather footwear, and marital relations. Until midday, we sit on the floor or on low stools. We also abstain from studying Torah—besides those parts that discuss the destruction of the Temple.

On the eve of Tisha B’Av, we gather in the synagogue to read the Book of Eicha - Lamentations. Tallit and tefillin are not worn during the morning prayers. After the morning prayers we recite Kinot (elegies/dirges). We don the tallit and tefillin for the afternoon prayers.

Practically speaking during Tisha B'Av we do not:

  • eat or drink

  • wear leather footwear

  • bathe or wash ourselves

  • apply ointments or creams

  • engage in marital relations or any form of intimacy

  • sit on a normal-height chair until midday

  • study Torah (except for the parts that deal with the destruction of the Temples)

  • send gifts, or even greet one another (you may respond to greetings)

  • engage in outings, trips or similar pleasurable activities

  • wear fine, festive clothing


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