Dear Rabbi Schapiro,

I am writing to you to thank you for running the “Beyond Never Again” JLI course. Being the first JLI course that my fiancé and I had each attended it raised our spirits immensely to find ourselves a part of something so constructive for both the individuals in the room and the greater world. Although both the content and my appreciation of the course were far-reaching, I have attempted to articulate below the three aspects that I appreciated most.

Firstly, it seems that by people approaching this confronting topic from such a spiritual angle of ‘meaning’ it has the power to greatly facilitate the release of the emotional energy that has pent up in the Jewish group psyche from not only the Holocaust but our long history of persecution. I believe that releasing this energy will equate to cutting loose a prevalent anchor that is holding our people from stepping into our designated role in the world.

Secondly, I applaud the coupling of the topic with an education on morality and the subtle message that every Jew today must live a moral life so that we can lead by example to raise awareness of morality across the planet (there are, after all, said to be only six degrees of separation between each human on the planet). In my opinion this forms a tangible and necessary bridge from the world as it currently stands to one where the peoples of the world would simply not allow such an event to take place – a messianic world.

From a personal perspective, the course brought to my attention that I had not been sufficiently differentiating between the way I approach other people’s suffering and my own suffering. To this end I learned a most valuable lesson that has allowed me to deal with other people’s suffering with more empathy and compassion, as opposed to the less comforting problem solving that I apply to my own life-challenges.

Rabbi Schapiro, I would like to make the statement that in my humble opinion you are doing an admirable service in opening many people’s minds to the deeper aspects of life that they would otherwise not encounter here on the North Shore of Sydney Australia. Picturing this course being run at many locations around the world to an accumulative audience of thousands of Jews puts me in awe of the potential good that it could achieve.

Respectfully yours,