Reviewed 27 January 2021

Enrolment Process

Camp Gan Izzy will not accept a child into any of its Vacation Care and After School programs without a current and complete Enrolment Form, which includes all applicable supporting documentation.

When a booking is received for Camp Gan Izzy, the booking will not be processed until a complete enrolment form has been received and the enrolment process is completed. Any bookings, for which the enrolment forms are received within 2 business days prior to the requested date, will incur the late booking fee of $20.00 per child. The late booking fee also applies to incomplete enrolment forms and required documents, for which the missing information is supplied after this deadline. 

Enrolments can be completed via this link

Late Booking Fee

Any bookings made less than 2 business days prior to the required camp day, will incur a Late Booking Fee of $20.00 per CHILD.

Payment Authority

Payment authority must be completed by each family, allowing us to debit from a bank account or credit card.

If cash or EFTPOS payments are preferred, these can be made in person only at Chabad, 27 College Crescent, St Ives, however fees will be charged at the full fee amount only. Booking cannot be confirmed until full payment is cleared. 

Once a booking is received we will debit the full amount by means nominated via the Payment Authority. We will continue to use these means until the Vacation Care account is at nil balance. Full payment is required as we will not accept part payments.

On selected days there may be a limit of children accepted into the program. The limit set is at the discretion of Camp Gan Izzy. Once capacity has been reached, requests will be placed on a waiting list and contacted if a place becomes available. 

It is the responsibility of the account holder to contact Camp Gan Izzy Accounts if they have not received a confirmation/statement of their booking, but understand and acknowledge that full payment will be debited and selected days are booked in regardless.

If at any stage banking details change, the payee must complete and forward a new Payment Authority Form. We will not be held responsible for charges incurred due to incorrect account/credit card information provided.

Bookings are immediately suspended upon a dishonoured direct debit or dishonour/failed credit card transaction. Applicable dishonour fees will apply. We will reinstate all bookings once payment has been received in full, but places are subject to availability.

The educators at the programs have the right to refuse entry into Camp Gan Izzy program if payment has not been made in full, the enrolment process has not been completed and/or if your child/ren are not on the attendance roll.

It is the responsibility of the account holder to provide Camp Gan Izzy with all relevant information regarding their eligibility to claim Child Care Subsidy (CCS). 

If no CCS information is provided, or this information is not correct or completed, the full cost of Vacation Care will be charged. If the required information is provided after the full fee amount has been debited, the entitlements will be applied retrospectively. Should this adjustment result in the account going into credit, this amount will not be refunded, but put towards future Camp Gan Izzy. Refunds can be applied for only after the last day of the following Vacation Care period. Camp Gan Izzy is not obliged to call or email a parent who has provided incorrect and / or no CCS information, though one courtesy email will be sent to the account holder’s email address provided on the child’s enrolment form.

Initial CCS calculations are estimates only and additional costs might be incurred once Camp Gan Izzy has submitted the attendance records to Centrelink. If you do incur additional costs, you will receive a statement via email informing you thereof. Please note this can take up to 4 weeks from the last day of the Vacation Care Program. Any outstanding amount will be debited throughout and/or after the Vacation Care period until the account is at a nil balance.

It is the responsibility of the person making the Vacation Care booking to ensure that the days selected on the booking form are correct before submission. Once the parent/s have submitted their child/ren’s enrolment and booking it confirms all days selected and relevant fees incurred.

In-person bookings will be only be processed during Chabad business hours.

There are no refunds given for cancellations due to change of mind or if your child/ren is/are absent due to illness, even if a medical certificate is provided.

Programs that do not have enough attendances may be cancelled. Camp Gan Izzy endeavours to inform affected families no later than one week prior to the commencement of the affected program. Full refunds will be given in this case using the same account used to debit the initial costs.

If there are outstanding After School Care and/or past Vacation Care debts, the child’s booking may not be processed until payment is made in full and funds are cleared. This may include late fees, dishonour fees, admin charges and/or debt collection fees.

By agreeing to these T&C's, I agree and consent to all Camp Gan Izzy debiting systems and all fees that I may incur by using Camp Gan Izzy Vacation Care incursions, excursions, additional day charges, late payment fees, late Administration fee, dishonour fees, and late pick up fees.

Medication & Action Plans

Children diagnosed with Anaphylaxis and/or Asthma will not be accepted into care without a current and signed Management Plan provided at the time of enrolment. Anaphylaxis and/or Asthma Management plan must be updated on an annual basis. If child/ren require an auto-injection device, they must provide an in date auto-adrenaline device (epi-pen/ana-pen) on the first date of attendance, which will remain at the program until the last day of attendance.


Child misbehaviour will be dealt with in accordance with Camp Gan Izzy behaviour guidance procedures. I accept that my child can be removed immediately from the program as a result of continued and/or serious misbehaviour. Camp Gan Izzy staff members will contact the parent/guardian, who will be required to collect the child immediately. Refunds will not be given. 


Children must have a healthy snack for morning tea, a packed Kosher lunch (no meat) and a refillable drink bottle. Children may not bring food that requires heating or cooking, nor containing nuts.


Children must bring a sun-smart approved hat every day. 

Clothing and Sunscreen 

Sunscreen and comfortable clothing appropriate to weather conditions and excursion conditions must be provided, including a swimming costume for swimming days.

On Excursion days all children must wear a high visibility Gan Izzy t-shirt. These can be purchased for $15 on our website or from the Chabad office.  This enables our staff members to easily recognise your children, and keep a constant eye on them.

Please ensure that your children bring their T-shirt to excursion days, and if forgotten, a new camp T-shirt will be issued on the excursion day, and parents automatically billed for $15. Unfortunately we do not have any second hand spares and new T-shirts are strictly non-returnable.

Children cannot wear thongs or high heels. Socks and closed shoes are preferable for excursions, and are usually a requirement for many excursion activities.

Kippah/Cap is required for boys.

What Not to Bring 

The following items are not permitted during our programs: Mobile phones, iPods/iPads, tablets, or similar devices, spending money (unless program specifies money allowance), toys of value and other electronic games.

If any of these items are brought to the program, they will be removed from the child by the Educator for safe keeping until the child is collected at the end of the day. If a child brings an unauthorised item to our program and educators are not made aware of this, Camp Gan Izzy will not be held liable for any damage and/or theft.


Camp Gan Izzy will transport the children for the purpose of an excursion or program routine outing on chartered buses or maxi-taxis only.

Due to the structure of Camp Gan Izzy staffing requirements, children will not have the choice to remain at the program venue when an excursion day has been scheduled.

All arrival and departure times are vital to be kept to, and all transport provided will depart from the program venue on time. Please understand that the form of transportation schedule may change due to weather or other unforeseen circumstances.

Scheduled excursions may not occur during extreme/severe/catastrophic fire danger day/s; Camp Gan Izzy will either postpone or provide an alternative activity of equal value where possible. The program will not operate and may be cancelled if the RFA has directed us to do so. The base daily rate will not be refunded in these occurrences.

I understand that whilst every care and precaution will be taken, Chabad North Shore and its staff are not responsible for any injury, damage or loss to my child or their possessions whilst at the centre or on excursions.


Camp Can Izzy is required to disclose information to the Department of Education and other government agencies, as all OSHC services are governed by both Departments. Camp Gan Izzy adheres The Department of Education and Training (DET) National Frameworks and to the Privacy Act 1988 and will ensure that information in my child/ren's Enrolment records are not divulged to another person unless necessary for the care or education of my child/ren, to manage medical treatment of my child/ren, where expressly authorised by the parent, prescribed in the National Law and National Law The Act, if required by law or in accordance with the Privacy Act 1988 and Information Act 2000.