Shavuot 2022 (5782) - 4-6 June 2022 - Chabad North Shore
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Join us for a reading of the 10 Commandments, annual Ice Cream party, family dinner, and a full night of learning.

Shavuot 2022 @ Chabad
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Shavuot family dinner
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Late Night Learning - tikun leil
Ice cream Party
Upcoming events
Jun. 04, 2022
Join us for a fully-catered three-course dairy dinner with family and friends on Shavuot Eve followed by a night of learning and inspiration.
Jun. 04, 2022
Join us for on Shavuot Eve for a night of learning and inspiration as we prepare for the giving of the Torah.
Jun. 05, 2022
Calling all Jewish boys and girls to our annual Ice Cream Party to celebrate the giving of the Torah! Raffle, Prizes, Games, Reading of the 10 Commandments!