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Sign up to CKids club to access exciting events, win prizes, join the Tzivos Hashem Brigade and so many other surprises!

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What is Ckids Club?

Ckids Club is an exciting new Jewish Club on the North Shore for children years K-6.

Children who join ckids club, will feel a sense of belonging and friendship, as they bond with other Jewish children their age in a fun, exciting and Jewish environment.

Becoming a member enables your child to participate in special events, as well as join the worldwide Tzivos Hashem program, where they will get their own ID badge, and will receive special missions to do, to rise in rank, receive medals, and win prizes!

In addition, Ckids club members will receive all sorts of benefits and perks throughout the year, including awesome Jewish Holiday Packages.

So what are you waiting for? Sign up today! 

What is Tzivos Hashem?

CKids North Shore is registered as a local base of the global Tzivos Hashem program.

Tzivos Hashem (translating to Hashem's Army) will give your children the tools and opportunity to grow and reach achievements through their good deeds and ultimately be the best version of themselves. Complete missions, earn medals, rise in rank, earn prizes, ID badges, and more!

Enlist in the Tzivos Hashem C-kids brigade to become a force of good in the world.

CKids Club Event Dates 2021

Term 1: Sunday 14 March - Launch Event

Term 2: Sunday 25 April | Sunday 6 June

Term 3: Sunday 25 July | Sunday 29 August 

Term 4: Sunday 17 October | Sunday 21 November

2:30-4:00pm at Chabad North Shore, 27 College Cr, St Ives.
$15 / Person (2 free events included in premium memberships)
Must be a Ckids Club Member to attend.