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We’re very excited to present to you JewQ, the International Torah Championship for Hebrew School students from around the globe!

JewQ will give your child an opportunity to learn and have fun at the same time. It will broaden their knowledge of Judaism in an interactive and exciting way, including a championship and a local grand trip!

The top 2 children from each grade who score the highest on their tests will have the chance to be on stage at the JewQ National Championship which will be held in November.


●      JewQ is for children Grades 3 through 7 and will run from July – November, 2020.

●      Each grade has specific information to learn from the Living Jewish Handbook.

●      Each child will be given 3 tests throughout the learning periods during Hebrew School to keep them motivated and ascertain their level.

●      There is on average 5 short pages of information to learn each week. Each child must spend at least 35 minutes a week mastering this information.

●      Those who score an average of 70% through all 3 tests will join an exciting grand trip, as well as being eligible to enter the National Australia wide Championship game show.

●      The child with the top score throughout Australia will win a grand prize of travel and prizes valued at over $1018

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