There’s a lot of activity after school at Chabad North Shore. Apart from Cheder classes offering a strong understanding of Jewish history and culture through interactive games, craft, cooking and songs, children can now enjoy cutting-edge Hebrew reading classes.

“Gan Izzy After School Care” has introduced the internationally renowned Aleph Champ program, a Hebrew reading system based on the learning levels of martial arts. Offering the same motivation used to advance through Karate, children from kindergarten through to Bar/Bat Mitzvah Prep strive to earn different colours to represent the levels they have achieved.  

There are ten levels to master, with appropriate games and workbooks to be completed before the children can progress to the next. Beginning at White, children must learn the first 18 letters of the Aleph Bet before accelerating through to the ultimate Black level where fluency is attained with more100 words read a minute.

The revolutionary program was launched more than a decade ago, and has produced outstanding results with children worldwide. Chabad North Shore’s Rebbetzin Fruma Schapiro is delighted to introduce Aleph Champ, describing it as fun, interactive learning through experience, ‘a world away’ from the traditional methods used to teach Hebrew.

 “We have our own Black level champion teaching and of course, that’s the level all our children aspire to,” Rebbetzin Schapiro said. “Being able to learn and reach each level at their own pace gives them a wonderful sense of achievement and drives them on to advance to the next level.”

Nestled in quiet, leafy St Ives, Chabad North Shore has offered a safe, community environment to Jewish North Shore residents for nearly 30 years. The centre provides a non-judgemental and welcoming environment, with a multitude of community and outreach services, including a shul,early learning childcare centre, social services and  educational  programmes for all ages. Gan Izzy After School Care was opened to help children develop a love and warmth for Judaism and provide an avenue for gaining a strong sense of Jewish identity, pride and belonging.

The popular Cheder classes bring to life Jewish tradition with animated, creative programs and provide a great opportunity to build and enhance the BJE classes offered in public schools.

“Gan Izzy helps our children develop a long-lasting love and connection to their Jewish heritage,” Schapiro said. “Our families come from all walks of life and their children attend a multitude of different schools, public, private and Jewish. Families who may have never met before are now united through their children, giving them a greater sense of belonging and community.

“As a result, this wonderful mix energises our Chabad Community Centre to continue to serve as a lively and vital hub for our very connected and very caring North Shore community. It’s a chance to celebrate our Jewish heritage together. We are close here in the northern suburbs of Sydney, we look out for each other.”

Gan Izzy After School Care is a government approved OSCH (Out of School Hours Care) facility with eligible parents able to claim rebate.

The classes for younger children are held on weekdays from 3.30 pm while Bar/Bat Mitzvah classes begin at 4pm  

To learn more about Gan Izzy After School Care visit chabadhouse.org.au or contact Rebbetzin Fruma Schapiro on 0433 120 981, or Kerry Saloner, parent coordinator on 0424 676 766.