Please visit for current enrolment process.



  • All children must be enrolled in our 'service' (i.e. Camp Gan Izzy) before you begin the booking.
  • If your child has previously attended our service (in the past 24 months), they will already be enrolled.
  • If your child has NOT attended our service in the past 24 months, you must first enrol them, then proceed with the booking.
  • PLEASE NOTE: We have introduced a late-fee of $20 per child when bookings are made less than 48 hours prior to the booked program. 
The online booking system we use is  'My Family Lounge' (MFL) by QK Technologies.
Camp Gan Izzy is the registered name of our 'service' for both our Vacation Care and our After School (including all Cheder, Bar and Bat Mitzvah classes). 
If you need any help please call us on 9488 9548 or email
  • Camp Gan Izzy Vacation Care Program
  • Camp Gan Izzy Xtreme Program

EXISTING FAMILIES  (Attended our service in the last 24 months)

1. Sign-in to your 'My Family Lounge' account (right of screen). If you cannot remember your email or password, simply select 'Sign-In', then 'Forgotten Password' and follow the prompts.

2. Once signed-in, please check your details in the 'CONTACTS' section, to ensure it is accurate.

3. In the 'CHILD' section, 'VIEW ENROLMENT ' for listed children, and ensure form is complete, including payment authority and click 'Submit'.  To add a child select 'Add Child', fill-in details, and 'Save'. Then select 'Start Enrolment', fill-in form and 'Submit'.

4. In the 'CASUAL BOOKINGS' section, click 'Add Casual Booking' to make your booking.

5. Select 'Child', 'Service' and 'Room', the days you wish your child to attend, and bingo!

DO NOT USE THE 'BOOKING REQUESTS' section. This is for After School only.


NEW FAMILIES (Not attended our service in the last 24 months)

1. Click on the REGISTER button (right of screen). You will then need to create a username and password.

2. Once registered, you will receive a confirmation email. Follow link in your email to setup password and confirm registration.

3. Follow steps 1-5 above.