Chabad Hebrew school caters for local Jewish children regardless of their level of observance or level of commitment to Jewish practice, aiming to treat each child and their family with equal respect.

It is designed to engage children from year K till early teens in enjoyable, relevant and engaging  learning experiences that build/extend their awareness and pride of their Jewish heritage, culture, customs, Hebrew language and values. We believe that this awareness will give the children a strong sense of identity and self esteem,  motivating them to develop positive character traits, respect for others within society, and  contribute positively towards their families, community and society at large.

Chabad Hebrew school  promotes a holistic approach to family values, relationships and community belonging, which is embedded in the programme. We also aim to create collaborative partnerships with families and provide offerings that benefit both the children and their families.

Educators are committed to Jewish values and practice and are dedicated to achieving  quality outcomes for children. Educators develop the service through ongoing reflection and collaboration with parent representation.

We would love to welcome your child/family, for details please contact Chanie Schapiro on 0449 671 067 or [email protected].