Each year on the day of the Yahrtzeit the soul is elevated through the actions of the living family, helping it rise to even greater heights. For this reason, it is customary to light a special Yahrtzeit candle (24hr candle) before sundown on the eve of the Yahrtzeit, and to give charity on the day of the Yahrtzeit (except on Shabbat).

Reciting the Kaddish prayer is also a tremendous merit and source of elevation for the soul. The Kaddish prayer for your relation can be recited on the evening during the Maariv service and on the day of the Yahrtzeit during the Shacharit and Mincha services. 

Click here for a kaddish guide. 

Some have the custom to bring a L’Chaim to Shule to share with the congregants following the service, giving them an opportunity to wish you long life and to pray for the elevation of the soul of your loved one.

A special prayer can also be said in Shul on the Shabbat prior to the Yahrtzeit. It is customary to receive an Aliyah on this Shabbat to symbolise the soul’s elevation, we are delighted to offer this opportunity to our members, but please let us know in advance whether you would like this honour. (Please bear in mind that Aliyot can only be guaranteed if the member is in Shule at the beginning of the service).

Finally, it is also customary to gather the community together on the occasion of a Yahrtzeit as it gives the members of the community further opportunity to bless you and wish you a long life. Two such opportunities are the Kiddush, which we have each week after Shul on Shabbos, and the Shabbos Mevarchim lunch, which we have once a month.

If a member would like the honour of an Aliyah, and/or to sponsor a Kiddush or Shabbos Mevarchim lunch for the occasion of a Yahrtziet, please contact our office by sending an email to  info@ChabadHouse.org.au, or calling us on 9488 9548.