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Can my child come on an individual day?
Sure, children are welcome to come for as many days they wish (provided there is availability).


Will the Child Care Rebate be automatically deducted?
This depends on what you have nominated with Centrelink. If the rebate is paid directly to our service we will only charge you the gap.


How are the children grouped?
Years K-1, Years 2-3, Years 4-6.


Can I drop-off my child early?
You can drop-off your child from 8:30 am. The program commences at 9:00 am.


Can I collect my child early?
You can collect from 4:00 pm onward, if you wish to collect earlier please contact us to ensure we will be back on-site.


What food is provided?
Morning and afternoon tea is provided, with a variety of snacks and fruit. Gluten-Free options will be available. Water will be available at all times.


Can I send along my own food?
Yes. You can send along food. However, it must be Kosher and no nuts or meat products. 


Who are our staff?
Our primary staff members are the Bochurim (youth leaders) who are involved with children in the community throughout the year. In addition, we involve High School students to assist. All passionate about children and Jewish education.   

What qualifications do staff have?
The majority of our staff have an ACECQA recognised qualification in First Aid, Asthma and Anaphylaxis, and Child Protection. (Current regulations only require one staff member to hold the above qualifications)


What are the drop-off & pick-up procedures?
Parents are required to sign their child in and out at the beginning and end of each day.


What does my child need to bring?

  • Packed Kosher Lunch (No nuts or meat)
  • Water Bottle
  • Hat (or Kippah) for boys
  • Swimming Costume (on swimming days)
  • Camp T-Shirt (on excursion days)
  • Medication and Action Plans (if necessary)

Rebates and Benefits
Gan Izzy Vacation Care operate as an approved Vacation Care allowing you to receive generous government benefits, specifically the Child Care Rebate (CCR)which covers 50% of the fees and is NOT means tested. Furthermore, you can opt to have the rebate paid directly to service thereby only being charged the gap fee. The majority of families are eligible for the rebate (see details below).

For those on a lower income there is also the Child Care Benefit (CCB), which provides an additional small reduction in fees.

In order to receive the payments we will need you to fill in the CRN numbers and some other relevant information on the enrolment form (or they can be provided at a later date). In addition, the department now require immunisations to be up-to-date for any rebates or benefits to be paid.

If you are not certain whether you are registered for these payments, please contact the Department of Human Services (Centrelink) on 136 150 or login through and mention that you have a school-aged child who will be attending an approved vacation care.

For more about rebates and benefits click here

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