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The Rohr Jewish Learning Institute

The Rohr Jewish Learning Institute (JLI) has been created in the tradition of masterful teachers establishing bonds with willing students pursuing intellectual and spiritual growth in their adult years. JLI courses are designed for students ranging from first-time learners to those with years of prior study. The Institute follows a powerful path of discovery and depth, touching the Jewish soul and often altering the life course of its learners. Participants in JLI courses share an experience of such magnitude that many form lasting bonds of close friendship and community.

The Rohr JLI is the largest institute of adult learning of its kind, teaching in 300 cities around the world. Its professionally conceived eight-week courses are taught through interactive dialogue accompanied by dynamic textbooks and dramatic audio-visual presentations.

A JLI teacher leads students toward fresh thinking about the world. He or she creates an environment that inspires feelings of hope, purpose, meaning, and value. JLI’s teaching is authentic and real. And it is all conveyed in a safe environment that embraces every student. 


My son Malachai and I are thoroughly enjoying the informative and well researched ‘Survival of a Nation’ course structure, the additional supporting video footage and the relevance to 2017 Israeli politics. I highly recommend this course and wish that it was longer than the 6 weeks time frame.  - Sheralyn 

‘Survival of a Nation’: Great course well presented well structured. - Ruth




September 2017-2018
1 | Great Debates in Jewish History
2 | The Art of Communication
3 | The Existence
September 2016-2017
1 | How Success Thinks
2 | The Dilemma
3 | Survival of a Nation
September 2015-2016
1 | The Final Journey
2 | The Jewish Course of Why
3 | Heroes and Villains
September 2014-2015
1 | How Happiness Thinks
2 | The Art of Parenting
3 | Dynamic Wisdom
September 2013-2014
1 | Life in the Balance
2 | To Be a Jew in the Free World
3 | Realising Your Potential
September 2012-2013
1 | The Kabbalah of You
2 | Living with Integrity
3 | Curious Tales of the Talmud
September 2011-2012
1 | Fascinating Facts
2 | Money Matters
3 | The Art of Marriage
September 2010-2011
1 | Medicine and Morals
2 | Towards a Meaningful Life
3 | Oasis in Time
September 2009-2010
1 | Soul Quest
2 | Portraits in Leadership
3 | Beyond Neve Again
September 2008-2009
1 | Soul Maps
2 | You be the Judge II
3 | Biblical Reflections