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Mens' Suite

Mens' Suite

There is a men's section to the Mikvah which is used regularly before morning services and before Shabbat and Festivals.

Cost for the mens mikvah is $10 a time or yearly membership of $300.

If you would like to use the mikvah please contact our office at 9488-9548 or email  

North Shore Mikvah - Osher V'chaya is under the auspices of Chabad North Shore 
The Mikvah is located at 97 Killeaton Street, St Ives. If you would like a tour, or to make an appointment, or arrange a class, please call the Mikvah hotline on 9440 0025, leave a message, and the attendant will return your call. If a man would like to use the mens mikvah or to use the Keili mikvah please contact the office.